Higher Common Ground

We believe that as human beings our strength lies in combining our differences. And the secret that less and less people are looking for in this time of digitalization and artificial intelligence, is real human connection.

Number 4:

Masculine energy. Up and outwards. Towards the light. Strength, focus and mindset for order, stability and direction in your life.

Number 9:

Feminine energy. Down and inwards. Towards the darkness. Trusting, feeling and surrendering for liberation, connection and flow. 

Number 49:

Synergy. Yin & Yang. Combining what you've built during your ascend with what you've discovered during your descend, so you can serve something way bigger than yourself.

If you want to make a difference, you have to be different

We believe the world will become a better place - not by making everything and everybody the same - but by embracing our differences.

Man and woman. Young and old. Muslim and Christian. 

We need each other for the whole picture. 

We need our differences in order to be complete.

Living in a world that's out of balance

Our world is out of balance.
More people die from eating too much than from not eating enough.

Our technology is more advanced than ever.
There's more wealth than ever.

And we are sicker, more obese and more depressed than ever.

And sadly, even the world of "self-help" is out of balance.

Fake spirituality and toxic hustle mentality

You can never "find" balance. You'll never "have it". But if you keep looking for it, you'll create it.

Problems arise when you stop looking for balance.

We see this on both sides of the 'personal-growth spectrum'.

On one side you see the toxic hustle culture.
Everything is about money, fitness and status (by having more).

On the other side you see the dark side of spirituality.
Everything is light, love and strangely enough: status (by being more or understanding more).

Again, balance is key.

You can master wealth, health and happiness without becoming a dick.
And you can heal and grow spiritually without sacrificing your personal hygiene and ability to pay your bills.

This is what CODE49 is about.

A place where you can work hard on your physical performance and at the same time explore and grow the depth of your spirit and the quality of your relationships.

Situated in the center of the Netherlands

Close to Schiphol and Amsterdam, but embedded deep in the woods. CODE49 is easy to reach and hard to not fall in love with.

Vuurse Steeg 1
3749 AN Lage Vuursche